Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mixed emotions...





These were the answers to the question, "If you could increase/excel in any one thing, what would it be?" We were all sitting on the balcony soaking in evening breeze, discussing all sorts of things from "the scariest moment of your life" stories to "who's the best driver in your family?" All the stories had been heard before, and we knew all the answers to every question, but conversation is easier than silence.

The little girls were hyper after the chocolate milk and their giggles filled the pauses, along with the sound of crickets, frogs and sirens. Summer evenings have some kind of effect on me. Its the, "I don't want this moment to end" effect.

The moment does end, though. You can't stop the clock. Time marches on, and then you have to say goodbye, and I really don't like goodbye's.

Part of gratefulness is thanking God for the things we don't like, as in, saying goodbyes. I'm grateful that saying goodbye is sad. I'm grateful that I have people that I care about enough that I would miss them. I'm glad that I'm sad to say goodbye.

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