Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just for fun....

I was sitting in at the school table yesterday, studying on my own while my sister was teaching. She started passing out plot cards for a writing assignment, and it looked like fun! I asked her if I could have some,

My character was "sea horse", the characteristic was "moody". The setting was "in the toy box", and my plot was, "a secret tunnel". I had ten minutes, and this is what I came up with. =)

It was 9pm, toy box time when Danny, the moody little sea horse finished his tea and laid down his book.

"Ahh!!" he sighed, stretching out his tail. "Maybe I should go to bed. Or maybe I should stay up later. Who knows? I might miss something exciting if I go to bed! But I might wanna get up early if I stay up late!"

Too many choices and decisions clouded his rubber mind until he kicked over the Barbie chair he had been sitting in.

"UGH! Why'd I do that? Now I have to pick it back up or Barbie will know I was using her chair, and Ken will come beat me up. And I don't even have any hands to pick it up with!"

Life is tough for sea horses. They're the bottom of the food chain in the underwater world they were meant to live in, and even lower down in the toy box. Life is even tougher for moody little sea horses. Most the sea horses in the toy box had already accepted the fact that life was hard and moved on. Instead of dwelling on the fact that their lives were harder than some, they chose to be thankful that they had lives to start with. They were happy little rubber creatures. All except Danny, who had yet to learn this valuable lesson.

As he stood next to the overturned chair he remembered something the wise old jack-in-the box used to tell him. He could almost hear the old guy's voice reminding him, "Danny, you can't see the bigger picture, so just enjoy the moment."

"Man, I miss that guy! I wish he hadn't gone to the Children's hospital!" All of the sudden he caught himself. "...but I bet the kids there need him more than we do!"

"What a difference that makes! jack-in-the box was right! So... living in the moment...my moment right now involves this upside-down chair, and one hand-less sea-horse. (that would be me!)"

Being a moody sea horse had left Danny with a lonely sort of life, and he had gotten in the habit of talking to himself lately.

"No use staring at it! That won't help one bit. Neither will getting frustrated, obviously, since that's what got me into this mess in the first place."

He lowered his nose to the floor, sliding it gently under the back of the chair, and slowly started to lift. "What in the world? What's this on the floor!?"

After righting the chair, he bent back down for a closer look. Sure enough! It a button. Slowly, he pressed it with his nose, and a section of the floor slid away reavealing a secret tunnel....

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