Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Mornings

I sincerely love Mondays. Most the time when I tell people that, they chuckle at my sarcasm, but I'm not being sarcastic. Mondays are awesome. Sure they're filled with challenges and have an uncanny knack for having things go differently than planned, but they're also a fresh start. They set the tone for the whole week. They're a challenge and a chance for growth.

If I start my Monday early, diligently, rested, cheerfully and enthusiastically I can already tell it's going to be a great week. (Maybe it's easier for me to say that knowing there are only 3 work days this week) But if I start my week grudgingly, tired, depressed... well, what would you expect?

When I woke up this morning and it was still dark, and cold and foggy, I decided to go with the rested part, and skip the early and diligently. But hey, there's always tomorrow!

My sister really challenged me while we were getting ready for church yesterday. "Don't get so caught up pursuing your goals that you miss your ministry."

I was a little confused with that exhortation, not being sure what she was talking about. "I don't really have a ministry right now."

"Your life ministry, Merrie. Don't ever get too busy for that."

Not 30 minutes later we were sitting in church listening to a guest speaker share about what God has taught him about ministry. I was entertaining his 5 year old with one half of my brain while listening with the other.

"...And I finally figured it out! When the car breaks down on the way to an appointment with a big client, I've realized that he's not the one I have an appointment with, it's the guy next to me! So when my customer was an hour late to a meeting, I got all excited! 'God, who do YOU want me to meet with?''

My sister was right. I don't ever want to get too caught up with life that I miss.... life.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Call it what you will, Irin Cameron. It doesn't change reality.

The innocent Jews in Germany were declared to be a lower life form by their government and therefore by exterminating them the Nazi's were doing no wrong. Or were they?

In the same way, innocent babies in America were declared to be a lower life form by their government and therefore by exterminating them the mothers do no wrong. Or do they?

You implied that such a comparison was preposterous. I think your exact words were "the comparison is wildly offensive beyond any specter of attempted conversion or co-opting of Jewish tragedy."

Okay, obviously I can't say what is or isn't offensive to you, but is the comparison so far out as you seem to think?

You know what part of your article stuck out to me the most? It was the hostile attitude you take towards the makers of 180movie who are getting out there and doing something about what they believe. They're not holding roast sessions, writing inflammatory articles, making personal jabs or calling you names.

This respectful approach, this carefully thought out and well backed up message, the way they encourage their audience to examine their own hearts and consciences' instead of judging the next guy, maybe this is the reason for 180movie's 1,574,475 views on Youtube and the increasing positive response it's being received with.

"I gave my history teacher a 180 movie card and a couple days later he showed the video to the class. He introduced the video as a video [comparing] the holocaust and abortion. After watching the video, we had a class discussion on how it changes your perspective on both the holocaust and abortion."

-11th Grade Student at Northridge Academy High School

Thank you, Irin, for taking an interest in this hot topic, but while your piece was well written and highly entertaining, it was hardly convicting.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A fabulous day, and how it's made.

I don't know if this is the case for everybody but coming home to a full house after a long day at work always makes me happy. Walking into the kitchen where my sisters are preparing dinner, passing through to the bedroom to take off my coat and put down my purse (if I was embellishing here, I would've said "hang up my coat and put away my purse...") where two or more of my sisters are playing an imaginary game, reading a book or surfing the internet... just being home with my family gives me a high. It's almost like a drug or something.

After goofing around with the girls in the kitchen for about ten minutes I wandered into my parents room to greet my Dad.

"Hi! How was your day?"

"It was..." pausing to find the right word, "...fabulous!" I finished, enthusiastically.

"Really? What made it fabulous?" Dad asked.

I had to think about it. There were so many contributing factors, like coming home to a house full of family or a sister who bought me a bar of dark chocolate just because. A profitable day at work with no customers yelling at me on the phone factored in. An encouraging word from a friend definitely made the list as did sitting in the sunshine to eat a yummy healthy lunch. Then there was an eggnog latte, (first of the season) and a trip to the music store...

"Well..." I began, trying to decide what one thing changed my day from great to fabulous. "Uhm...well, God, really. Just how much He loves me."

Every one of the things I had thought of had been orchestrated by God just for me.

I read on a facebook status yesterday that you can never over emphasize grace. Whoever said that was right.

My morning started early today. 5:30, actually. By 6:30 I had a batch of muffins in the oven, another one ready to bake, I'd been greeted by several smiling faces, had a sister helping me with dishes and had been given two free coffees.

What's the word for better than fabulous?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sleep and Spiders

It all started last night. Not wanting the party to end, I stayed up later than I should, but still went to bed earlier than the rest of the six girls I share a room with. Ask anyone who knows me, the best way to get under my skin is to keep me up when I'm trying to sleep. If I've already fallen asleep and you wake me up....well... my sisters recommend you have a good life insurance policy.

Things that are normally funny and cute are suddenly not funny to me at all. Even my precious little sister failed to make me laugh when she brought me back from the edge of blissful sleep to ask if it would keep me awake if she talked in her sleep. Yes it was ironic, but I didn't find it funny at the time.

All in all, not a great way to start a work week. Rushing out the door in the morning on the verge of being terribly late, finding a black widow in my office, sitting at my desk freezing, all of these were contributing factors.

Feeling very sorry for myself I picked up my phone and started to compose a text message to drum up some sympathy.

"Icy cold fingers and a black widow in my office. Yep, apparently it's Monday!"

Instantly I was convicted. My attitude did a 180 before I finished the text.

"A mug of hot water to warm my fingers on and an Uncle to kill the spider. Yep, apparently God still loves me!"

It's funny how a little bit of perspective can change your whole day.