Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finding "that moment".

I slept late this morning. I've slept late all week. Something about the time change, and my body rebelling against rising before there's light in the sky.

I slept through the sunrise, through my quiet time on the couch. I slept through my morning coffee and putting on my make-up. (okay, nothing new there.. I almost always choose sleep over that) And this morning I even slept through a hot breakfast.

When my feet finally hit the floor this morning, I barely had time to brush my teeth, scoop some cottage cheese into a bowl with frozen berries and ground flax, say "good morning" to my sisters and run out the door.

The funny thing is, that even after 10 hours of sleep, I wasn't feeling refreshed or energized. Something was missing. My body was rested and refueled, but my soul? It's a different story. Starving might be the right word.

"I just can't seem to find the time, Lord!" I complained, navigating my car through the metropolis I call my home.

"I know that man can't live by bread alone, but this girl can't live without sleep either."

He restores my soul. That still small voice reminded me.

This morning's light traffic allowed for a quick stop on my way to work. And who orchestrates traffic? The window and door to the warehouse being open allowed for music of the birds singing to waft into my office. And who gave the birds a voice?
The phones have been quiet for the last half hour, and I find myself with my bible and journal spread across my desk, cradling my cardboard coffee cup in my hands.

It might take a stretch to find that moment of peace and tranquility, but that stretch helps me remember that He doesn't need my help - or my cleverness and creativity.

He restores my soul.


  1. You sound depressed. I don't mean this in a joking way, maybe you should seek some counseling from someone other than a family member.
    Concerned reader and a mom

    1. hmmm, someone doesn't know my Merrie. Of Course she's depressed! She started off this week on 3 hours of sleep, and the time change making it dark in the morning means she can't ride her bike to work anymore. But don't worry, at 5pm today she will forget all of this! I don't really mean this in a joking way either, but I think your comment will be more discouraging to her than the fact that she was choosing to catch up on sleep.
      Concerned comment reader and friend
      (p.s. I can play this game too) ;)

  2. I only commented out of kindness. not discouragement or anything negative. my signature is what i am due to not having a blog or profile type of account. no game intended. So sorry if I offended you.
    take care, concerned mom and reader

    1. Dear Readers. Thank you. For taking the time to let me know that you're reading!

      To the concerned mom: I'm not sure what made you think that I was depressed, but I can assure you that I'm not. Not even close. But thank you for caring enough to say something.

      To the friend: Overtired, yes, but depressed? After spending a full weekend goofing off and relaxing with my rad family? I'm ready to take on the world - although I'd be willing to settle for the upcoming work week. =)

      Signed, Merrie


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