Thursday, May 24, 2012

Those Sunday School songs

"When mountains tower, rugged and high
Rise to the challenge, look to the sky
Trust in the Lord and start out to climb
Great things are done one step at a time."

"Little by little, inch by inch.
By the yard it is hard 
By the inch, what a cinch!
Never stare up the stairs, 
Just step up the steps!
Little by little, inch by inch."

This song came blasting in from my past to play through my head this morning as I contemplated the rest of my schedule for the week.

Today: crazy busy day at work.  Tomorrow: ride my bike to work, work, ride my bike home and attend family night.  Saturday: all day children's ministry thing starting at 7am.  Sunday: Church all day.  Monday: repeat.

I groaned and rolled over, covering my head with a blanket.  I'm never gonna make it!

The sweet Sunday school voices started singing again.  "Little by little, inch by inch!  By the yard it is hard, by the inch, what a cinch!"

Okay, okay.  

The first inch was to get out of bed, and the rest just came naturally after that.  Wash my face, fix my hair, make some toast, find my shoes...

No matter what huge mountain I'm trying to climb, the first step is always the hardest. Running a mile, apologizing to my sister, starting a diet, building a website... even doing the dinner dishes.  (I promise you, with our family, the dinner dishes are a literal mountain.)

"Trust in the Lord and start out to climb.  Great things are done one step at a time."

I don't know why that particular song popped into my head on this particular morning, but it was just the one I needed to hear. 

And I just remembered.  Monday is a holiday, so there will be at least a 24 hour reprieve before the craziness starts over again.  =)


  1. It's actually "Reach for the goal one step at a time"....but yeah... ;)

  2. Yeah for holidays! Great post, Merrie. <3

  3. Oh! Good reminder! Can totally relate to the crazy ridiculous schedule thing! Sometimes deciding to just get out of bed feels like running a race.


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