Tuesday, June 5, 2012

At the Random Expresso Cafe

We gathered in the front office for a trial run on the new commercial espresso machine, sitting on overturned buckets, a couple of office chairs and the floor.  Eight people from three different families, giggling, catching up with each other and with what God has been doing in our lives.  

"Morality dictates something or other"  Somebody tried to quote.   We were talking about walking the talk, and how in our head we might know all the right answers, but when push comes to shove, what we do reflects what we believe in our heart.

The quote was supposed to say that a mans theology dictates his morality.  How I believe God to be, that's how I act.  If I believe Him to be all good and all love, then I'll end up treating even my enemies with kindness.

If I believe Him to be all powerful with my best interests at heart, then I'll end up not fretting the small stuff or the big stuff.

If I believe Him to be in control, then I'll kick back and enjoy the ride.

If I believe Him to be watching then I won't be doing that thing I know I shouldn't.

If I believe Him to be all knowing, then I'll trust Him with my future.

If I believe that He will provide, then I'll trust Him with my today.

It got me thinking this morning, even before I got out of bed, about what I believe.  If the things I do reflect on what I believe, then do the things I don't do also reflect on what I don't believe?   The burden I didn't carry, the person I didn't reach out to, the extra mile I didn't walk, does that reflect on my unbelief?

Perhaps staying up past eleven on a week night for coffee wasn't the brightest idea we've hatched yet, but the food for thought that stemmed from the discussion was well worth it.  For me, anyways.


  1. Funny, we had a very similar discussion at our regular church service Sunday. If you were there you wouldn't have had to stay up late for coffee! Oh, you were there!

  2. Such good reminders here! Thanks so much for sharing, Merrie!


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