Monday, July 2, 2012


Please pray that I would have strength for each "today".

Please pray that I would be able to smile at the people who make me cringe.

Please pray that I would find joy in the now, that I would redeem the time that I have left, and that God would use me to impact lives for the remainder of my time here.

Please pray that I would be content, because here is where He has me.

Please pray that I would remember that sometimes, I'm the only part of Jesus that a person will ever see.

Please, God, help me remember this every moment - help me to remember that I never know when someone is watching me and judging You by my actions.

Please, God, give me grace for every moment.

Please, God, continue to work in me.  And through me.

Please, God, break me.  And restore me.  Fill me with your Spirit.

I'm inadequate, but You are able.

I'm undeserving, and You are worthy.

I'm weak, You are strong.

I'm so glad that You love me.

Thank you.

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