Thursday, July 19, 2012

Home Alone 2

Here I am again, duties and obligations compelling me to miss a portion of the family vacation.

Maybe for your average Joe, coming home to an empty, deserted house is nothing new, but this is the girl who lives at home with 10 of the remaining 14 kids.

I'm more used to coming home to a yard and house full - dad tending the avocado trees, my little sisters skating and biking in the parking lot (I live at a church), my older sisters working on dinner.  Usually there's music playing from at least one stereo, conversations flowing, brothers coming and going, delectable scents wafting from the stove or oven or both.

Our home is a hive of activity on a normal day.  Coming home when nobody is there is kind of like walking into a tomb.  (Not that I would know what walking into a tomb is like, as I've never done it.)

After I ate and cleaned up my dinner, I had to get out.  Grabbing my keys and phone, I hit the road with no particular destination in mind.

Whether it was the pull of gravity or muscle memory, I ended up parked in front of my grandma's house, feeling very silly and tempted to drive away.

"Uh, hi!  I was bored an lonely so I decided to intrude on your evening and uh..."  Yeah, I didn't think that was the best approach.

Finally I picked up the phone and called her.

She was thrilled to hear from me, and even more ecstatic that I was outside. They brought me in, tried to feed me, visited, tried to feed me, got me something to drink, tried to feed me, offered me a place to sleep, and and succeeded at feeding me. The dinner salad I had already consumed didn't constitute a meal in their book.

It was a beautiful evening, and I enjoyed every moment of it. 

I learned some random things about myself.

1.  I tend to talk to myself when I'm by myself.

2.  Sleeping in a tomb isn't so bad as long as I don't have to live in it.

3.  I don't like to ask for things, but sometimes that's exactly what I'm supposed to do, because the Giver is blessed by giving even more than I am blessed by the receiving.

Hebrews 4:16 - Therefore let us come boldly to the throne of grace so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.


  1. Awh, you're missing out on Dwight?! So sad. I guess that's life in the adult lane though...
    Hope you don't get too lonely! :D

    1. Just missing the rafting trip and driving up with my family so far. I'm planning on going up after work today.


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