Sunday, December 2, 2012

Of quiet reflections in a bustling household

The bustle of breakfast greeted my ears when I stepped into the kitchen this morning. I'd been looking forward to some quiet reflective moments over a cup of coffee from the time I first opened my eyes, so the fourteen plus people gathered around engaging in fourteen plus conversations took half a minute to get used to.

As always, the conversations were too intriguing for me to tune out completely, and before I was totally swept away, I found myself thanking the Lord for giving me what I didn't even realize I needed.

His gifts to me are so far above and beyond what I think I need or want, but they're the perfect fit for me every time.

I'm so grateful for a Father who knows me better than I know myself; who gives me exactly what I need before I ask.

For the sister who cooked breakfast for me.

For Dad, who offered to put eye drops on my irritated eye, because I was too chicken to do it myself.

For my little sister who makes a great pot of coffee.

For my not-so-little-anymore brother who sets an awesome example for me in his attitude towards life, in the way he lets grievances roll off his back.

For my nieces and nephew, and the smiles they constantly bring to all of our faces.

And I'm going to have to start getting up earlier than I have been lately if I'm going to have that quiet cup of coffee.

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  1. There you go again challenging me through your own experiences to be more intentional about getting alone (particularly with the Lord). When I think of how much more difficult it must be for you to catch those early morning moments alone I am forced to evaluate my own exuses. I have a least 9 fewer excuses (family members at home) than you do and I still have trouble. Maybe if I keep reading your blog I'll eventually convince myself that I have no excuses at all and that I should just go to bed early and get up early. lol.


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