Friday, January 11, 2013


Staying up until nearly two in the morning discussing life and love and all those pertinent topics with my sisters when I needed to be up at five-thirty to get to a class on time was totally worth it.

In fact, I slept 'til six, zipped through unusually light traffic and am sitting in the truck relishing coffee and a bagel, writing on my blog, because I have time.

I was actually headed to bed at a decent time and was about to ask the crowd in the kitchen to quiet down, because I had such an early morning ahead, when I realized that these relationships wouldn't wait, and the time to be a part of their lives was now.

So here I am, sufficiently rested, (or caffeinated), on time, humbled and re-writing my priorities... Sure there's a time for sleep, but sometimes other things can't wait.

I've noticed a pattern lately.

Jesus and
Others then
You spells JOY.

I may have plagiarized that saying from an old Sunday School lesson, but it still rings true in my life.

"...For the joy of the Lord is your strength" Nem 8:10

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