Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Open for fellowship

Boy was I on the verge of late this morning.  I woke up about an hour after I had turned off my alarm, and still had a hard time convincing myself to get out of bed.   Playing hard all weekend followed by 14 hours in the van plus one full day of work equals me. Well, a very exhausted version of me.

I stopped for coffee and a whole wheat bagel on my way to work, reasoning that my work would be better with me focused and fed than prompt and hungry.

"Besides, if traffic is smooth and I get all green lights, I can still make it on time."

This particular coffee shop is my favorite place to stop in the morning, and not necessarily because the coffee is the best, but because the service is amazing.

"And how's your morning going so far?"  The barista asked me.

My typical answer, "Pretty good!" was on the tip of my tongue, but I caught myself.

"Honestly?  I woke up an hour past my alarm, but it's going alright!"

Last weekend at Camp it was mentioned that we as Christians miss out on the greatest benefit to being a part of the family of God by putting our church smiles on, and never opening up and being honest about what's going on in our lives.

"Are you late somewhere?"  The barista continued the conversation, ringing up my medium coffee and plain toasted bagel.

"Not yet!" I quipped.  "I'm headed to work, but I'm pretty sure I'll get there in God's timing anyways."

This drew a smile.

"Amen." he said softly.

I don't remember who asked who first which church they attended, but the conversation took off after that.  He has a burden to see unity in the body of Christ - unity that spans the denominations.  I was able to encourage him with what I've been learning from 1 John 4.  He told me about a bible study that meets during the lunch hour at the coffee shop.  I invited him to visit our church sometime.

I got to work with a smile on my face, rejuvenated by the few minutes of sweet fellowship I got to share with my brother.

I've been in that shop fifteen or twenty times to buy coffee, but never had I been fed like this morning.  Whoever said that Christians miss out when they wear their masks was right.

The clock was just turning to eight when I arrived. Pulling into the parking lot right in front of me was my boss.  He has the key to the building, so getting here any earlier wouldn't have done me any good anyways.

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  1. I've always believed that Christians should be honest in their responses but most people preach that you should always put on a smile because you are supposed to be rejoicing always. I think there's a bit of truth in both. Always rejoicing doesn't mean everything is going perfectly and is easy. As demonstrated in your post others are impacted by genuinness. Honesty about realities of life coupled with a response of trust in God (his timing etc.) can have a profound effect on someone who sees Christianity as just another religion.

    Grateful for your insights,



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